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Світ не припиняє захоплюватися неймовірною дружбою кота і дівчинки з аутизмом

13:47 31.04.2016

We've already written about the  friendship of the incredibly talented six-year-old girl, Autris Grace, who has autism, and her cat Tula.  The girl's mother, Arabella Carter-Johnson, tells of the changes that this friendship has brought to their family's lives, hoping to tell people that another is special.

At 6-year-old Iris is autistic, but she has found a way to express herself in painting and friendship with her faithful cat. Iris and the Tula cat have become known far beyond their town and even their own country as a symbol of what makes another special.

The paintings of Iris are being bought by collectors, and thanks to this, for the first time in their lives, the family was able to travel abroad to Stockholm, which became an unusual achievement for a young child unable to interact with others.

The girl began to perceive reading, communication and learning at home quite differently. Her mother Arabella decided to dedicate the book to her daughter, calling it "Iris Grace", and invited an artist, illustrator and photographer for it. Words and pictures and, of course, with the help of Tula, a fluffy assistant to the artist, the book will open the door to the world of Iris.

"Autism has completely changed my perception of the learning process for a child, and this does not necessarily have to happen in the classroom. The best thing for a child to do is to be able to comfortably engage in what inspires and interests them," says Arabella.

42 beautiful paintings, 15 illustrations and an endless stream of photographs make these memoirs a true treasure. Iris's mother wanted to convey to readers that people with autism have a future, a bright future. What Iris helped with does not mean that all-purpose remedies for all children are found, but the main thing is to listen and follow the path your child shows.

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