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У Луцьку для громадського транспорту хочуть виділити окрему смугу

07:50 07.12.2017

To improve the regularity of trolley bus ride in Lutsk, there is a need to change the roadmap.

This was stated during the operational meeting by the head of the department of transport and communications of the city council Anatoly Mironyuk. He explained that it is a question of allocating a separate lane for passenger transport, informs the Competitor.

"In Lutsk, only one Vynnychenko street has a dedicated lane, therefore, in our conditions, due to the increase of private transport on the roads, the most relevant is the allocation of such lanes on the Avenue of Victory, on the streets of Bogdan Khmelnytsky and Glushets, along the entire territory of the Central Market," said Anatoly Mironyuk

2018-10-18 08:10:35